AILA 2017 Innovation and epistemological challenges in Applied Linguistics - July 23rd to 28th 2017

AILA offers a limited number of Solidarity Awards to scholars in Applied Linguistics who might be unable to participate in the World Congress without financial support.



AILA Solidarity Awards cover costs related to your presentation at the AILA 2017 World Congress in Rio. This is possible thanks to the generous donation of individuals and organizations to the AILA Solidarity Fund and an extra fund made available by the publishing house Multilingual Matters Ltd.


The selection criteria for Solidarity Awards are academic merit or promise, together with a financially disadvantaged situation, and acceptance of an abstract for presentation as symposium, individual papers or workshop by the Congress organizers.


What will be refunded?

There are both 'full' awards, covering reasonable travel costs, accommodation and congress fees, and 'travel' awards, covering reasonable travel costs and congress fees.


Solidarity Award Winners



Abstract Title

Ana Cristina Chiusano


Trazando un camino hacia la enseñanza de la pronunciación del español rioplatense

Denise Fernandes Nogueira


Multimodalidade de sentido: análise da relação texto-imagem em textos multimodais extraídos de websites educacionais.

*Edrinnie Kayambazinthu


A complex web of decisions: Family language policy choices in multilingual Malawi

Frances Kvietok Dueñas


Children and youth in Indigenous language revitalization: Latin American perspectives

Ibtissem Knouzi


Negotiating the Zone of Proximal Development in an Academic writing classroom: A case study

Ingrid Guzmán Sota


Abstrac de Experiencia Nin os y nin as dialogando con carin o con los abuelos de la comunidad

Julia Marques


Silence and adult learning in additional language classrooms

Márcia Vanessa dos Santos Souza

Brazil  O ethos da comparação cultural em um contexto de ensino/aprendizagem de Português como Língua Estrangeira

Martina Emke


Innovative methods in researching online teacher professional development

*Melina Porto


Intercultural Competence in Practice and Beyond

Nkululeko Mabandla

South Africa

Queering beyond the queer: Discourses of the everyday as spaces for resistance and theory-building

Pedro Augusto de Lima Bastos


Critical language teaching in a public school: problematizing experiences of being fat

Samaneh Zandian


Fostering Intercultural Understanding in English Language Classrooms: Context of Iran

Thi Thuy Le


Socio-cultural perspective of ESL teacher education


 *Edrinnie Kayambazinthu and *Melina Porto won a "Multilingual Matters / AILA Solidarity Award”. 


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